Rug Buying Tips

Today, the market has a variety of rug motifs to choose from. Ranging from contemporary designs to traditional patterns, the revitalization of unique palettes and stylization presents seemingly limitless options. Which one is right for you?

In today’s competitive marketplace, it is important that a consumer have as much knowledge as possible about buying an area rug – especially buying a rug online. We have compiled a list of questions to assist you as you begin your quest for a beautiful traditional rug.
  • What kind of lifestyle do you have?
  • Is your home a place where several family members and friends congregate on a regular basis? Consider whether or not the colors and fibers you choose will be appropriate, given the amount of traffic in the area where the rug will be placed.
  • Would one area rug work best in your room, or multiple rugs?
  • What size rug do you think would be appropriate for your needs?
  • Are you interested in a finely-knotted, investment like a traditional rug or a more practical, decorative area rug?
  • Are you interested in more traditional looking rugs or contemporary rugs?
  • Do you actually like the traditional rug for sale?
  • Will the rug you have chosen harmonize with the other colors and textures present in the room?
  • What are the minimum and maximum sizes you can use? Keep in mind that not all area rugs are precise standard sizes.
Would you prefer a combination of various designs and colors or have your rug serve as the understated centerpiece? Depending on your style preference, the décor, and the effect you're trying to achieve, you may choose a field with a single color or a complex pattern. A stunning effect can be achieved by simply contrasting a traditional rug with your furniture. An old rug paired with a contemporary décor can make a room look distinctive. In addition, contemporary rugs with antique furniture can be equally effective if the colors blend with the surroundings.
When choosing your area rugs the textures should be relative to one another and the color and tone should be balanced. Generally, it is safe to mix area rugs that come from the same country and are the same age; equally effective is the mixing of reciprocal pieces. You’ll find it easier and a lot more interesting to mix and match rugs, rather than try to find matching pieces. If you are decorating a room from a blank canvas, try starting with the area rug. You will have more freedom to choose the rug you love. It’s much easier to find paint, wallpaper, and fabric to go with your area rug than it is to find an accent rug to complement a nearly finished room. In addition, keep in mind that each rug has a light side and a dark side, depending on whether one looks into or with the nap (raised textile surface).

Some decorators even use Oriental rugs as wall hangings, especially silk or antique rugs. It can be an effective way to divide a room or simply use them as artwork, just as one would hang a painting. To heighten dramatic appeal, hang rugs on walls painted a neutral color.
If you enjoy having a mixture of patterns in a room, unite them with a harmonious color palette. With the presence of various patterns in the accents and upholstery, consider using a solid-color rug in a neutral hue to compliment the complex designs. To expand the space of the room, opt for a lighter color. For a more intimate atmosphere, choose darker hues. Does the space experience high traffic? The durability of rugs depends on the weave and material and some are able to withstand wear better than others. For high traffic areas, jute or sisal rugs and flatwoven wool rugs are exceptional options. In addition, solid colors are more likely to expose traffic residue; thus, patterned or intricate motif rugs are ideal for concealing the inevitable footprints.
How do you match the right rug with the room size? The How to Measure Rug Size section will help you find the perfect rug size to compliment room space. What is your budget? Size, whether the rug is handmade or machine-manufactured, fibers, complexity of design, and origin all affect the cost of the rug. Fortunately, the vast range of rug options enables you to find the perfect rug for your budget. Knowledge is the key to finding the right rug to suit your individual style and preferences. We have provided a useful glossary of terms to help youunderstand the rug industry lingo.