About Us

Orugso.com offers the largest online selection of Oriental and fine area rugs in the world – and the most advanced retail technology available.  But that should come as no surprise, given its origins.

Orugso.com is the realization of one-man’s lifetime commitment to pulling the Oriental rug business into the 21st century.  It successfully combined his two passions – a genuine love for the fine art hand-made by mostly anonymous artisans and a firm belief in the possibilities of technology.  Having achieved that goal, founder David Khazai has now stepped away from the retail rug business to concentrate on his fast-growing technology enterprise…but not before he ensured that Orugso.com had the knowledge base and resources to thrive.

Before leaving, he shared his unparalleled experience and knowledge of Oriental rugs with the new management team – his family has been in the business for five generations, more than 200 years – and he has been directly involved for most of his life in every phase of the industry, from design to production, from distribution to wholesale and retail sales.  The current team was trained by him personally and acquired a level of expertise that no other internet retailer can match.

For years, he established direct links to production lines in Iran, India, Pakistan and China, as well as to domestic manufacturers and distributors. He streamlined purchasing and distribution systems, updated marketing and advertising, realigned pricing and customer service values, and built retail success while becoming a major wholesale supplier to others.  Orugso.com is now the beneficiary of all that foundation work.

And the technology that drives orugso.com’s unmatched selection and powerful, user-friendly search function was developed by his technology company, RM Innovation (www.rminno.com).  It is the gold standard for the industry and allows shoppers to find and purchase the exact rug they are looking for in minutes…or to browse leisurely through the hundreds of thousands of choices in inventory.

Orugso.com.  No other internet rug retailer is more knowledgeable about rugs, and no one anywhere can match our selection, prices, and commitment to our customers.  But don’t just take our word for it. 

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